Blog Posts > Kathleen M. Jacobs: We Must Act to Eliminate Child Poverty
November 2, 2013

Kathleen M. Jacobs: We Must Act to Eliminate Child Poverty

Charleston Gazette – With recent statistics pointing out that almost 30 percent of West Virginia’s children under age 5 live below the poverty level, and 43,254 West Virginians under age 18 lived in poverty in 2008, it is baffling to consider that so much of the remedying of this atrocity is shouldered by organizations — both religious and secular — which has become something of an enigma. Read

To home in on a specific area that has seen its fair share of this cruelty, Fayette County ranks as one of the highest in number of children living below the poverty level, according to a recent report from the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy. The report “Child Poverty in West Virginia: A Growing and Persistent Problem” goes on to say that West Virginia ranks as the 13th highest state in the nation for children living below the federal poverty line.

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