December 6th, 2018 by
Overview of Mass Incarceration in West Virginia

On December 1, 2018, WVCBP Executive Director Ted Boettner presented at the first Mountain State Racial Justice Summit on mass incarceration in the United States and West Virginia. The presentation included information on prison demographic trends, the impact of incarceration on race, wealth and employment, along with policies to move our communities forward. View the…

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July 21st, 2017 by
West Virginia Budget & Tax 101 (Summer Policy Institute)

On Friday, July 21, Executive Director Ted Boettner presented at the WVCBP’s 2017 Summer Policy Institute. The presentation covers what West Virginia's state budget pays for, where revenue comes from, how tax and spending decisions impact families and our economy, and the state's ongoing budget crisis. Here is his presentation.

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June 15th, 2017 by
Trump Budget Cuts Hit West Virginia Hard

West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy summer research associate Levi Pellegrin presented on the impacts of President Trump's proposed budget would have on West Virginia at a Lunch and Learn on June 14 held at the Covenant House. View the presentation here. West Virginia relies more heavily on federal funding assistance than other states and…

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October 12th, 2016 by
Why is West Virginia So Poor?

At October's Lunch and Learn at the West Virginia Covenant House, Rick Wilson (Executive Director of the American Friends Service Committee's West Virginia Economic Justice Project) and Sean O'Leary (Senior Policy Analyst with the WVCBP) discussed the history of West Virginia's chronically high poverty rate. This presentation is a preview of the 2015 State of Working…

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September 14th, 2016 by
The West Virginia Budget Crisis – How Did We Get Here? How Can We Get Back on Track?

Years of shrinking funding have undermined West Virginia’s most important public investments, such as higher education. The state now faces another significant budget shortfall next year that could result in more unaffordable spending cuts that continue to erode core public services that provide a foundation for prosperity in the state. Unless lawmakers act, the state…

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August 17th, 2016 by
Soda Tax in West Virginia

On Wednesday, August 17, Tara Holmes made this presentation at the WVCBP's monthly Lunch and Learn event on the impacts to West Virginia on increasing its soda tax. The event took place at the West Virginia Covenant House.

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July 29th, 2016 by
Running the Numbers

On Friday, July 29, Senior Policy Analyst Sean O'Leary made this presentation to the 2016 Summer Policy Institute held at West Virginia Wesleyan College. View PDF of presentation.

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