Mission & Vision


The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy is an independent, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to advancing policies and budgets that improve the economic mobility and quality of life for all West Virginians.

The WVCBP’s research and analysis is designed to support informed public dialogue and policy in West Virginia. The Center consults and collaborates with partner organizations, policymakers, and community members to ensure that our analyses are relevant, timely, and accessible. We strive to be a knowledgeable and respected source of credible information on public budget and fiscal issues for policymakers, advocates, media, and the broader public.

We participate in a national network of similar organizations across more than 40 states as part of the State Priorities Partnership, sponsored by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, as well as the Economic Analysis and Research Network, an initiative of the Economic Policy Institute.

We also serve as West Virginia’s KIDS COUNT partner. KIDS COUNT is a platform of the Annie E. Casey Foundation that provides legislators, public officials, and child advocates with reliable data, policy recommendations, and tools to advance policies that benefit children and youth.


The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy works to advance public policies that increase opportunity and eliminate inequities through credible and accessible research and community-rooted advocacy.


A prosperous West Virginia where everyone has a meaningful opportunity to thrive with equitable access to health care, education, jobs, housing, and safe communities.


  • Strong public institutions and schools that have the resources necessary to fulfill their missions, supported by a fair tax code where everyone contributes their share;

  • An equitable and diversified economy with well-paying dignified jobs, strong workers’ rights, and robust supports to ensure no one has to choose between work and caring for a family;

  • Safe, sustainable communities: clean air and water, a criminal law system centered on second chances and decarceration, accessible and affordable health care, and the publicly shared resources needed for families and communities to thrive; and

  • A government and policymaking system where those most impacted by decisions are at the table. 


The WVCBP’s funding comes grants received by foundations as well as donations from individuals and organizations. A full list of our current funders can always be found in our annual report.

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