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April 7, 2019 by Ted Boettner
Kunkel, Boettner: Money Doesn’t Fall Up in West Virginia

Charleston Gazette-Mail - Reflecting on the legislative session that ended last month, one topic was never directly addressed even though it underlies many of the issues that became key topics of the session, from foster care to raises for school employees: West Virginia’s growing economic inequality. Link to article. In West Virginia, the top 1 percent…

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March 30, 2019 by Ted Boettner
Wells, Boettner: The Census is Coming: Make it Count

Charleston Gazette - Imagine if filling out one form could determine where schools, roads and hospitals are built, how many federal dollars are sent to your community, and your amount of political representation. That form exists — it’s the census, and the opportunity to be counted only comes around every 10 years. Read online. In fiscal…

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March 13, 2019 by Ted Boettner
The 2019 Legislative Session: The Good, the Bad, and the Defeated

The 2019 regular legislative session ended this past Saturday. Overall, it was one of the more successful legislative sessions in recent years, all things considered. There were also a string of disappointments along with some surprising victories and the defeat of many bad bills. On the fiscal side, most of the regressive tax policy legislation…

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February 20, 2019 by Ted Boettner
West Virginia Should Reject Call for Constitutional Convention

On Tuesday, February 19, WVCBP Executive Director Ted Boettner presented this testimony to a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee urging members to reject calls for an Article V Convention of States to make amendments to the U.S. Constitution. 

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February 8, 2019 by Ted Boettner
High Cost of Low Corporate Taxes

Beckley Register-Herald - While education reform is the big topic at the legislature this year, the governor and GOP leadership are moving forward with more big tax cuts that will mostly benefit wealthy out-of-state corporations. This would make it harder for the state to invest in the important public services that provide a foundation for our…

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January 31, 2019 by Ted Boettner
Taking Inventory: The Impact of Exempting Business Personal Property Taxes in West Virginia

For years some lawmakers have pushed for eliminating or greatly reducing property taxes on business personal property. The result could mean shifting tax responsibilities onto people, more reductions in vital services such as schools, or a combination of both. During the 2019 Legislative Session, there have been two proposals for a constitutional amendment to eliminate or…

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January 24, 2019 by Ted Boettner
Fixing the Social Security Tax Bill with a Bottom-Up Tax Cut for Working Families

In his State of the State address, Governor Jim Justice proposed the elimination of the personal income tax on Social Security income. Justice's proposal, S.B 342, would completely exclude Social Security benefits from the state income tax, similar to how the state treats military retirement income. While this is being touted as a "middle class"…

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January 17, 2019 by Ted Boettner
Budget Breakfast Looks at WV Spending

WOWK-TV - They were crunching the numbers for breakfast in Charleston Wednesday. It was the annual "Budget Breakfast" sponsored by the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy. Many members of the legislature, business community, and civic groups were there. And while the governor says the state has a projected budget surplus this year of…

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