Blog Posts > WV GOP Brings New Vibe to Business Summit
August 29, 2015

WV GOP Brings New Vibe to Business Summit

The State Journal – The vibe at The Greenbrier Resort is usually a relaxed one. The historic resort is usually full of visitors from out of town looking to unwind. Read

However, for a few days each year, business men and women flood the colorful, floral-themed rooms in suits and ties ready to talk about policy and how to ensure West Virginia has a future as bright as the sun that kisses the neatly manicured golf course greens of “America’s Resort.”

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual conference to bring the state’s leaders together. This year will likely see Republicans touting what the party was able to accomplish during the most recent regular legislative session. This marks the 79th year for the Business Summit. The GOP became the West Virginia Legislature’s majority party for the 2015 legislative session for the first time in 83 years.

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