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September 15, 2015

Tax Reform That Protects Roads, Children and Seniors

2015 Tax Fairness Brief cover

Overhauling West Virginia’s tax system is on the agenda of the leadership of the West Virginia legislature. As citizens and stakeholders of West Virginia, we appreciate this effort and the thoroughness with which the Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform has investigated the many issues involved. Read PDF.

A diverse coalition of organizations that cares about kids, families, seniors and working people, community organizations and local governments has come together to support the following basic principles of fair taxation which we urge legislators to consider as they deliberate changes to the tax code:

1. Any new tax proposal should not jeopardize schools, roads, colleges, kids, or seniors. This includes protecting services for vulnerable West Virginians.

2. Any new tax proposal should include accountability measures for tax breaks or credits so we know they are working.

3. Any new tax proposal should not increase taxes on low- and middle-income families; in West Virginia, we already have an upside-down tax structure where working families are forced to pay more than their fair share.

4. Any new tax proposal should consider new and alternative sources of revenue to pay for urgent needs such as infrastructure, education and human services.

5. Any new tax proposal should avoid changes to revenue generation that would short-circuit the democratic process and weaken the state’s ability to meet future needs.

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