Blog Posts > Youth Work Permits Targeted in Broader Child Labor Law Rollbacks
July 10, 2024

Youth Work Permits Targeted in Broader Child Labor Law Rollbacks

Bloomberg – The reinvigorated debate over child labor laws has led some states to eliminate work permits for minors and their employers despite advocates’ arguments that they’re important safeguards against abuse.

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Alabama lawmakers this year followed their Arkansas and Iowa counterparts’ 2023 legislation to end work permit requirements for underage workers, as bill sponsors and supporters argued the mandates are government red tape infringing on the rights of teens and their parents. The Alabama legislation (SB 53) took effect June 1, in time for teens to take on summer jobs permit-free.

Similar legislative efforts fell short in Missouri, West Virginia, and Wisconsin this year, after advocates and policymakers argued for preserving the permits. The Missouri and West Virginia bills each won approval in their state’s House before stalling out in the Senate, and Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) vetoed a measure passed by the Republican-majority legislature.

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