Blog Posts > WV Income Tax Repeal: What’s next?
April 8, 2021

WV Income Tax Repeal: What’s next?

WOWK – The West Virginia legislature has until Sunday to jointly come to an agreement on whether the state will eliminate its personal income tax. Watch the full segment.

Local policy analysts are concerned about what may be in, or left out of a bill with only three days left to debate it.

In a close vote, the West Virginia senate passed a last-minute amended version of the state income tax repeal bill. As of Thursday afternoon, the house is now waiting to receive that modified version and decide whether to agree with the changes.

The timeline is so tight, observers fear what the final product might look like.

WV Center of Budget Policy’s Senior Policy Analyst, Sean O’Leary said, “they would have to create a conference committee with members of both the House and the Senate, would come to together and try to workout a compromise and then that compromise would have to be accepted by both the full House and the full Senate.”

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