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February 11, 2019

WV House Hosts Two Public Education Hearings

WOWK – The House chamber was packed for the first hearing, which began at 8 Monday morning. Dozens of educators, parents, administrators and lawmakers all debated both for and against the bill. The biggest concerns remain about school choice and items such as Education Savings Accounts and charter schools. Watch/read.

“An aattck on all educators as you work to devalue our certification and allow charter schools to hire non-certified individuals. An attack on our already financially-strapped school systems who struggle each day,” said Jeffrey Reynolds, Mingo County Education Association.

Last years teacher walkout did not sit well with some parents who want reforms.

“And I fully support Senate Bill 451 as it was provided for the House. My senior last year lost 11 instructional days. And yet the unions and special interest groups fail to mention this,” said Theresa Howe, a school parent.

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