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November 16, 2023

What a Community of Care Looks Like

Charleston Gazette-Mail – Last month, Derek Hudson walked out of Charleston’s Bream SHOP to find a distraught man yelling that his bike had been stolen from the sidewalk. The man paced back and forth, on the verge of tears. The handful of people outside Bream SHOP averted their eyes and avoided engaging with him.

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Hudson, the director of Bream SHOP, walked over and calmly encouraged the man to explain the situation. After a few tense moments, the two huddled together over Derek’s phone.

An hour later, Hudson rolled a bike into Bream SHOP. He grinned and explained: “I sent out a text message saying I didn’t care who took it, but please bring the bike back. I got four bikes back, including this one.” It was the same bike taken an hour earlier.

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