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March 9, 2024

West Virginia Legislature Completes Action on Unemployment Bill

West Virginia Watch, News from the States – With hours to spare on the last night of the West Virginia Legislature’s 60-day session, the House of Delegates approved an amended version of a Senate bill that changes the structure of the state’s unemployment benefit program. 

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Delegates passed Senate Bill 841 with a 66 to 31 vote late on a day with a number of closed-door meetings of House and Senate leadership. 

As the bill passed in the Senate late last month, it would have reduced the duration of unemployment benefits from 26 to 24 weeks. The amount of those benefits would have started at 70 percent of a worker’s weekly wage and then been reduced 5% each four-week period after that, through the sixth four-week period, when workers would receive 45% of their average weekly wage.

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