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June 8, 2021

TUESDAY: Public health is a Team Concept

Beckley Register-Herald – As if our politicians and favorite baseball teams don’t give us enough to worry about, the pandemic lingers. Well, not everyone worries and some have been out and about through it all without a mask or a care in the world. And some worry more than they should and remain in isolation – even after taking a couple shots for the team.

Me? I am somewhere in between though I’d be a lot happier today if a Giants’ pitcher had made one pitch just a little farther off the plate yesterday. Instead of craning their necks to watch the arc of a two-run homer into the cheap seats, my boys could have been celebrating a sweep of the Cubbies – the In-Laws-favorite team.

Ah, well, we took three of four in the series though there was no dessert with dinner at home.

The good news on the coronavirus front is that the number of active Covid-19 cases in the state has fallen to about 3,500 – way below the 29,000 recorded in the early days of January. In that regard, summer, even with all of this rain and postponed ball games, sure feels a whole lot better than those cold, dark and snowy days of winter. Read the full article.

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