Blog Posts > Statement: Trump Budget Harms Low- and Middle-Income Americans
May 23, 2017

Statement: Trump Budget Harms Low- and Middle-Income Americans

For Immediate Release Contact: Caitlin Cook, 304-720-8682

(Charleston, WV) WVCBP Executive Director Ted Boettner released the following statement on the release of President Donald Trump’s budget:

“President Trump’s budget makes it clear –  he is betraying many of the West Virginians who helped put him in office and struggled to make ends meet. He is proposing steep cuts to a variety of important programs that serve as lifelines for West Virginia families, kids, seniors, and those with disabilities all while calling for massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Over the next ten years, the budget slashes $2.5 trillion in funding for programs such as basic health (Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act), nutrition (SNAP), and Social Security (SSDI & SSI) while also making deep cuts to non-defense discretionary programs such as job training, rental and heating assistance, education, substance abuse prevention, and rural health programs. Altogether, the cuts to non-defense discretionary programs would be $54 billion below the 2018 sequestration level and $1.6 trillion over the next decade –the lowest level of as a percent of the economy in six decades. Rolling back investments on the health and well being of West Virginians as well as job training opportunities will have detrimental effects throughout the region.” PDF news release.

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