Blog Posts > Statehouse Beat: D-word Best Describes Past Session
April 17, 2021

Statehouse Beat: D-word Best Describes Past Session

Charleston Gazette-Mail – I was trying to find a word that sums up the 2021 legislative session, and after much consideration, it came to me: Despicable. Read the full article.

Despicable, in that the Legislature committed acts of cruelty for no reason but the sheer pleasure they derived from doing so.

They passed a despicable anti-transgender bill simply to make a group of young people feel more isolated, more shunned and more misunderstood than before, in the name of addressing a purported problem that does not exist (HB3293).

Gov. Jim Justice seems adverse to veto this hateful piece of legislation, even with the knowledge its enactment will cost the state millions of dollars in lost NCAA events that will be moved to more tolerant locales.

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