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October 29, 2022

So Many Questions, So Few Answers Out of Legislature

Beckley Register-Herald – On November 8, voters will have several constitutional amendments on the ballot spanning a wide range of issues. Most of them are controversial, but Amendment 2 is particularly concerning to many groups and organizations.

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Amendment 2, dubbed the Property Tax Modernization Amendment, gives the Legislature power to eliminate the business and inventory machinery tax, as well as the motor vehicle tax. On the surface, this amendment may sound good, but it has real life consequences that dramatically impact our local communities. In many ways, the inclusion of the motor vehicle tax is a bait and switch to attract people to support the amendment while covering up the harm that could be caused if these taxes are eliminated.

The taxes that Amendment 2 targets are monies used to support your public schools, fire departments, police departments, first responders, and more. Crucial services that are important for a functioning and safe community will be jeopardized if Amendment 2 should pass.

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