Blog Posts > Rafe Godfrey: The Complicated Truth on Nixing Inventory Tax (Opinion)
April 9, 2021

Rafe Godfrey: The Complicated Truth on Nixing Inventory Tax (Opinion)

Charleston Gazette-Mail – Rebecca McPhail, president of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association, recently authored an op-ed on the legislation to place the business inventory tax, which is now protected by the state constitution, up for a referendum in November 2022. Read the full op-ed.

Indeed, the state Republican Party is on a tax-cutting spree (and when are they not?), and so it’s not surprising that this tax, a perennial target of GOP lawmakers, would again find itself in the crosshairs.

Just last year, speaking before the state Senate, McPhail said the tax repeal is a “nonpartisan issue.” She’s right, in that money is money, whether there’s a D or an R next to your name. And businesses would no doubt stand to save a considerable amount of money.

But it’s not simply a business tax on the chopping block.

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