Blog Posts > Newly Unemployed in WV Left to Wait, Wonder When Help Will Arrive
April 4, 2020

Newly Unemployed in WV Left to Wait, Wonder When Help Will Arrive

Charleston Gazette-Mail – More than a tenth of the state’s civilian labor force, or 90,000 people, filed for unemployment benefits last month as the coronavirus dealt a crushing blow to an already ailing West Virginia economy. Read.

With layoffs and business closures mounting and state unemployment officials working with the feds on claims, some people were left wondering when or whether they’d get the help they need.

Charleston-based small business owner and community organizer Kayla Young applied about two weeks ago for benefits. In the summer, she runs Eggs Will Roll, a portable food kiosk that’s a staple at such events as Live on the Levee. During the rest of the year, Young lobbies at the Capitol and helps organize community events.

“None of that is happening anymore. I knew a few weeks ago, when we started seeing things get canceled left and right, that I wasn’t going to be able to do what I normally do, have that income, so I applied,” Young said.

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