Blog Posts > Nevermind that these Lawmakers Failed Miserably
April 10, 2021

Nevermind that these Lawmakers Failed Miserably

Beckley Register-Herald – Our governor and West Virginia’s supermajority Republican legislators, from backbenchers to those wearing the mantle of leadership, ignored too many of the state’s myriad problems to debate, instead, ideological and cultural hot button issues that they believed, we can only imagine, would play well with their base. Read the full op-ed.

While we would not be so cocksure as they of that self-serving notion, we certainly see the legislative ruins in the wake of poor planning, a lack of discipline and little to no evidence that enough legislators practiced due diligence to arrive at relevant and effective legislation. 

Theirs was, at best, a dishonest effort with a singular focus on pure party dogma. Citizens need to hold them responsible for ignoring what is not plumb in our world for much is out of kilter.

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