Blog Posts > Mary Lickert: Questions for the Legislature as Session Starts (Opinion)
February 9, 2021

Mary Lickert: Questions for the Legislature as Session Starts (Opinion)

Charleston Gazette-Mail – I have some questions for the West Virginia Legislature regarding its plans to get rid of the state income tax. Read the full op-ed.

Have our roads or Public Employee Insurance Agency been fixed? I’ve not heard any rationale for terminating our income tax. What is it and who really benefits? We definitely aren’t Texas or Florida, with loads of activity to replace a loss of $2 billion in revenue, so what about Kansas? Have any of our legislators been chief financial officers for a large corporation? It doesn’t look like anyone is qualified to consider this huge change. Gov. Jim Justice has been taken to court and faced allegations of not paying bills or fines how many times?

With pending repairs/bills, no plan given, the failed experiment in Kansas, the Legislature’s complete lack of experience and the governor’s noncompliance, the proposal surely would receive a failing grade from any bank. Does the Legislature really expect to slam this one on West Virginia with an already meager budget?

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