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January 18, 2022

Letter: Bring On the ‘Biden Bucks’

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Get those Biden Bucks flowing! But they’re not. Because Sen. Joe Manchin has a problem with helping folks who need it. And why? Because he wants a work requirement. Or is he just plain stingy, while his Senate colleagues stand frozen in the face of the irremovable Senate filibuster? Read the full letter to the editor.

Take it from a West Virginia mother, Krista Greene. According to a story in The Guardian, she missed a week of work because of COVID. Normally, she would have been worried about this loss of income, but her family’s budget had recently become a little more flexible, thanks to the monthly child tax credit payments that began in July 2021. The first thing she said to her husband was, “The Biden bucks are coming next week, so I won’t miss any bills,” 

Isn’t this — “Biden Bucks” — a phrase that should be heard around the nation from the lips of every Democrat? And echoed by every caring, compassionate fellow American? It’s all about messaging in the world of the digital natives. Republicans have been devilishly clever about it before they were born, but the Democratic establishment has been clueless, timid to the point of paralysis for decades until our nation now verges on the precipice of becoming a democracy in name only. They don’t have the energy. They’re too comfortable. And they are too old.

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