Blog Posts > Kelly Allen: Kids Shouldn’t Take Backseat to Special Interests (Opinion)
June 3, 2022

Kelly Allen: Kids Shouldn’t Take Backseat to Special Interests (Opinion)

Charleston Gazette-Mail – Right now, Congress has before it two major tax policy changes: One would give a tax break to wealthy tech and other corporations, while the other would help hundreds of thousands of West Virginia families and parents of kids across the country make ends meet during a time of rising prices.

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Corporate lobbyists are pushing hard, and gaining some traction, for the corporate tax cut to be enacted, while support for families that would put an entire generation of kids on an upward trajectory is stalled in Congress. Let’s be clear: Congress should not prioritize corporate tax interests above children and families.

How did we get here? At the end of 2021, Congress allowed temporary improvements to the child tax credit to expire. The consequences of inaction were costly to West Virginia families, where 346,000 kids and their families were affected — losing income that had been helping pay for education costs and basic needs. Worse, the support was taken away just as inflation, largely caused by supply chain issues and geopolitical crises, spurred price spikes for essentials like gas and groceries.

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