Blog Posts > Joe Manchin Might Single-Handedly Upend the Child Tax Credit
September 24, 2021

Joe Manchin Might Single-Handedly Upend the Child Tax Credit

New Republic – The expanded child tax credit has been enthusiastically embraced by most Democrats as an easily promotable example of a social policy that aids families in tangible ways. On the surface, the policy would appear to be one of the few things Democrats across the ideological spectrum might agree on as they undertake the messy business of crafting a bill amenable to moderates and progressives. Here’s the basic concept: “Giving money to families on a monthly basis can cut child poverty and provide us with an easy campaign talking point.” Read the full article.

Democrats are hoping to fold an extension of the credit into their as-yet-unwritten multitrillion-dollar budget reconciliation deal, which already contains a slew of agenda items, including childcare, health care, and climate change. But an extension of the expanded credit is facing skepticism from a familiar dramatis persona in these recent shows of intraparty dissension: Senator Joe Manchin.

The West Virginia Democrat is a critical swing vote in the Senate, and his support is crucial for the bill to pass. Democrats are using the reconciliation process to pass the measure so that it can go through with a simple majority in the Senate, because otherwise, it will get absolutely filibustered to death, as no Republicans support it. Democrats only hold 50 seats in the Senate, so everyone must be on board for any bill to pass.

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