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September 13, 2013

Have You Registered for the Policy Symposium?

Budget Beat – September 13, 2013

How Much Should You Be Making?

Over the Labor Day weekend, the Economic Policy Institute released a tool you can use to see what you would be earning had wages kept up with productivity. Read more in Sean’s blog post this week.

Starting October 1, 2013 the new insurance marketplace will begin operation in West Virginia, providing more options for people who are uninsured and businesses that want to shop around for health care coverage. In his blog post this week, Brandon describes some fear tactics one insurance company is using in advising its customers (WVCBP included).

While efforts to repeal Obamacare continue on what seems like a weekly basis, a new poll shows that most people support the key provisions in the health care reform law. Outlining these in this blog post, Brandon explains why Obamacare is not the train wreak opponents would like you to believe.

In the News

Last week’s Brighter Future forum really captured the media’s attention and perhaps the best headline came with this Daily Mail editorial which was a quasi-endorsement for the need for economic diversification recommended at the forum: “Not your grandfather’s economy.”

Registration Open for Policy Symposium

The WVCBP is sponsoring the Our Children, Our Future: 2013 Policy Symposium, Tuesday September 24-25. The WVCBP will host strategy sessions on increasing the minimum wage (9:30 AM-12:00 PM), the State Earned Income Tax Credit (1:00 PM-3:30 PM), and the Future Fund (4:00-6:30PM) during the Symposium at the Culture Center in Charleston on September 24. On Wednesday, September 25, attendees will present to the Joint Committee on Children’s Issues in the Senate Judiciary Room. An optional lunch training on local action will round out the afternoon of September 25.

To attend, please e-mail with the subject heading “NOMINATION” and include answers to the following questions:

  • Name of Nominee:
  • E-mail address of Nominee:
  • Phone # of Nominee:
  • Session(s) the nominee would add value to through their participation (please select no more than one session per time slot):
  • Why should this person participate in this Session or Sessions?
  • What unique perspective or resources could this person bring to this Session or Sessions?
  • Name and E-mail of the Nominator (if different from the Nominee)
  • Are you requesting a travel scholarship for your nominee? For how much? (A limited number of travel scholarships, max $250, will be available based on need.)

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