Blog Posts > Growing Concern Over West Virginia Children Losing Medicaid Coverage
January 7, 2024

Growing Concern Over West Virginia Children Losing Medicaid Coverage

Appalachian Times – In a distressing turn of events, the federal government has raised red flags regarding the substantial decline in Medicaid health coverage for children across nine states. West Virginia, grappling with its own concerns, reports a worrying trend, sparking urgent attention to this critical issue affecting the most vulnerable demographic—children.

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The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy highlights the significance of children within the state’s Medicaid program, constituting a staggering 40% of beneficiaries. This program, a lifeline for low-income families, ensures access to essential healthcare services, shielding parents from the financial burden of medical expenses for their children.

Cindy Beane, commissioner of the West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services, disclosed alarming statistics: “Around 39,000 children under the age of 19 have been deemed ineligible or have failed to respond to the renewal process, constituting approximately 12% of our total number.” This revelation underscores a concerning pattern in Medicaid coverage loss for the state’s young population.

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