Blog Posts > Gov. Justice Signs Sweeping Tax Cut Legislation into Law
March 7, 2023

Gov. Justice Signs Sweeping Tax Cut Legislation into Law

WTAP – Governor Jim Justice today signed into law what he calls the largest tax cut in West Virginia history.

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House Bill 2526 will reduce personal income tax for all West Virginians, provide property tax rebates for business owners and install trigger conditions for other tax cuts in the future that would eventually eliminate income tax in the state all together.

During an energetic signing ceremony on March 7, the governor was joined by state legislators on the stage of the State Culture Center Theater in Charleston. Gov. Justice spoke proudly of the cooperation between his office and the two houses of the legislature that made the passage and signing of House Bill 2526 possible. “It’s so much better, in life and anything we do, when we do it as a team,” Gov. Justice said. “When absolutely everybody wins, whether it be the house, the senate, the governor’s office, all the great people of the state of West Virginia. When everybody’s on a team and everybody wins, it’s a great, great, great day in this state.”

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