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March 20, 2015

2016 Budget Update

Legislators approved the final FY 2016 budget earlier this week, officially bringing an end to this year’s legislative session. The legislature made a number of minor changes to the budget, but stuck largely to the governor’s proposal.

Most of the changes were a result of increased borrowing from the Rainy Day Fund. The governor’s original budget proposal called for borrowing $68 million from the Rainy Day Fund to balance the budget, but Governor Tomblin twice made adjustments, reducing the amount to $15.5 million. The legislature’s budget takes $22.9 million from the Rainy Day Fund, $7.4 million more than the governor’s recommendation, freeing up General Revenue funds that would have otherwise been appropriated to Medicaid. Adjustments to the School Aid Formula also freed up $2.1 million.

With the additional borrowing from the Rainy Day Fund and other adjustments, the legislature was able to restore some of the governor’s proposed budget cuts. The legislature restored $7.4 million of his $12 million in cuts to higher education, while fully restoring cuts to children and family programs like Family Resource Networks.

Below is a table listing all of the differences between the legislature’s final budget and the governor’s proposal. Also available here is a complete side-by-side comparison of the FY 2016 budget, from the governor’s adjusted proposal to the final product. 

While the legislature has completed its work on the budget, the process is not complete. The governor has line-item veto power over the budget, and may veto some of the legislature’s increases in the coming days. 


Line Item

Governor’s Proposal



General Revenue






Current Expenses and Contingent Fund





Expenses of Members





Current Expenses and Contingent Fund




Dept of Agriculture

WV Food Banks




Division of General Services

Capital Outlay Repairs and Equipment




WV Development Office

Advantage Valley




WV Development Office

WV High Tech Consortium




WV Development Office

Regional Contracting Assistance Center




State FFA-FHA Camp and Conference Center





State Department of Education

Hospitality Training




State Department of Education

Educational Program Allowance




State Aid to Schools

Basic Foundation Allowance




State Aid to Schools

Less Local Share




State Aid to Schools





State Aid to Schools

Total Basic State Aid




State Aid to Schools

Teachers’ Retirement System




Dept of Education and the Arts – Office of the Secretary

Educational Enhancements




Division of Health – Central Office

Primary Care Support




Division of Health – Central Office

Sexual Assault Intervention and Prevention




Division of Health – Central Office

Health Right Free Clinics




Consolidated Medical Service Fund

Behavioral Health Program – Unclassified




Division of Human Services

Medical Services




Division of Human Services

Family Resource Networks




Division of Human Services

Domestic Violence Legal Services Fund




Division of Human Services

Grants for Licensed Domestic Violence Programs and Statewide Prevention




Division of Human Services

Children’s Trust Fund – Transfer




Dept of Military Affairs and Public Safety – Office of the Secretary

WV Fire and EMS Survivor Benefit




Division of Corrections – Correctional Units

Information Technology Services




WV State Police





Division of Criminal Justice Services

Child Advocacy Centers




Dept of Veterans’ Assistance





Division of Veterans’ Affairs – Veterans’ Home





West Virginia Council for Community and Technical Education





Higher Education Policy Commission





Road Fund





Division of Highways

Maintenance, Contract Paving and Secondary Road Maintenance




Division of Highways

Courtesy Patrol









State Board of Ed – FFA-FHA Camp and Conference Center





Division of Health  – Vital Statistics





Division of Human Services – Medical Services Trust Fund

Medical Services




WV Division of Corrections – Parolee Supervision Fees





WV State Police – Motor Vehicle Inspection Fund





WV State Police  – Central Abuse Registry Fund





Office of Secretary – Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund

Medical Services Trust fund – transfer









Bureau of Senior Services – Lottery Senior Citizens Fund

Transfer to Division of Human Services for
   Health Care and Title XIX Waiver for
   Senior Citizens




Excess Lottery





Lottery Commission – Distributions to Statutory Funds and Purposes

Licensed Racetrack Regular Purse Fund




Division of Human Services

Medical Services




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