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October 18, 2022

EXPLAINER: What is West Virginia’s Amendment 4?

WDTV – West Virginia’s Amendment 4 deals with legislative approval of the state board of education’s rules. A yes vote for Amendment 4 supports requiring the state board of education to submit rules and policies to the legislature for approval. A no vote opposes that requirement.

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“I think the state board of education and our local boards of education are where our experts are. People who really think about school policy 365 days a year where as the state legislature while they have great intentions and they want our schools to be strong they’re only around 60 days a year right,” said Kelly Allen. Allen is the Executive Director for the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy.

“They’re an appointed body. They’re not an elected body so they’re not accountable to the voters where the legislature is accountable to the voters. What this does is provide accountability. Any organizations that makes rules that have the affect of law, should be accountable to the voters,” said Sen. Jack Woodrum, (R) Summers.

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