Blog Posts > Dave Peyton: What’s the Holdup on Medical Marijuana?
February 28, 2019

Dave Peyton: What’s the Holdup on Medical Marijuana?

Huntington Herald-Dispatch – It has been almost two years since Gov. Jim Justice signed West Virginia’s medical cannabis law. Read full op-ed.

Then why do we not have medical marijuana available in West Virginia? It’s available across the Ohio River in Ohio.

The West Virginia Legislature and state government officials are dragging their feet? Why?

After passing the original bill, the House amended it last year and made it much more restrictive before passing it, including a prohibition on allowing cannabis in its natural, flower form.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, something’s rotten in Charleston.

There’s more to the 2018 mess. The House and Senate approved different versions of a bill to improve the program, but the stronger Senate version never received a House vote.

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