Blog Posts > Child Tax Credit Helps Families in Southern West Virginia
September 21, 2021

Child Tax Credit Helps Families in Southern West Virginia

WVNS – The pandemic changed life for millions of Americans across the nation. Utility and food bills increased with more time spent at home, causing more financial stress for millions of families. Here in the Mountain State, one woman said Congressional action made a huge difference. Read the full article.

“Ask them how much a gallon of milk costs, do you know?” Becky Dillon said. “If you don’t know, good. You don’t have to worry about it. I know because I have to worry about it.”

Dillon has been working from home since the start of the pandemic and her 10-year-old daughter learns remotely. She said utility bills and household expenses increased because of more time spent at home. She said she is able to pay those bills because of the Child tax Credit expansion passed by Congress in March of 2021. Every month, she receives $250, which normally comes in a lump sum after tax season.

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