Budget Beat

April 15, 2022 by WVCBP
What is Tax Day For?

With Tax Day just around the corner and West Virginians across the state filing their taxes, it’s a great time to remember what our contributions pay for and why it is important that we create a tax system that is equitable, transparent, and provides adequate resources to fund the public services and investments that allow our communities to thrive.…

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April 8, 2022 by WVCBP
Welcome to the Team, Ash and Sara!

The WVCBP is thrilled to share that we've added two new incredible members to our team! Ash Orr (they/them, he/his) is now serving as the Center's policy outreach coordinator. Before joining the WVCBP, Ash worked as a political organizer for RepresentUs and he currently serves as the Chair of the Morgantown Human Rights Commission. As…

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April 1, 2022 by WVCBP
Fiscal Year 2023 West Virginia Budget Recap

Legislature at the end of the 2022 legislative session. Very little in the budget was changed from the flat budget proposed by the governor at the beginning of session. While appropriations from the base budget (which includes the General Revenue Fund and Lottery Fund) remained relatively unchanged from the previous year, the FY 2023 budget relies heavily on appropriations…

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March 25, 2022 by WVCBP
Health Policy, the Social Safety Net, and the 2022 Legislative Session

The 2022 West Virginia legislative session was nothing short of a missed opportunity when it came to public health and the social safety net. Overlapping health and economic crises created the need and opportunity for the Legislature to focus on proactive measures that could prioritize the health and wellness of families across the Mountain State,…

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March 11, 2022 by WVCBP
SB 2 Up for Passage Tomorrow, Urge Lawmakers to Reject Today

Essential workers were championed throughout the pandemic for their critical jobs keeping our economy afloat. But now, West Virginia legislators are considering gutting earned unemployment benefits for those very same workers if they lose their jobs through no fault of their own. Senate Bill 2 would cut the number of weeks that displaced workers are eligible for…

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March 4, 2022 by WVCBP
New Research Finds Opioid Overdose Deaths Decline with More Generous Unemployment Insurance Benefits

As West Virginia lawmakers continue to consider Senate Bills 2 and 3, we urge them to keep in mind the conclusions of a recent study, which found that the harmful effects of job loss on opioid overdose mortality decline with increasing state unemployment benefit levels. The study, titled “Unemployment Insurance and Opioid Overdose Mortality in the United States,” looked at county…

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February 25, 2022 by WVCBP
Flat Budgets, Flat Expectations: The West Virginia Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Proposal

For the second year in a row, Governor Jim Justice has proposed a “flat” budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, with only minor changes from the FY 2022 budget. While the state is currently enjoying large budget surpluses, those surpluses are the result of billions in federal aid, artificially low revenue estimates, and continued unpredictability…

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February 18, 2022 by WVCBP
West Virginia Policymakers Will Soon Lose Power to Use SNAP Flexibilities to Address Economic Downturns if Action is Not Taken

In May 2016, West Virginia implemented a pilot program that placed time limits on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility for adults without children in the home (officially referred to as “able-bodied adults without dependents” or “ABAWDs”) across nine counties. Under these time limits, those affected were ineligible for SNAP if they could not meet…

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February 11, 2022 by WVCBP
House Personal Income Tax Cut Plan Largely Benefits Wealthy, Not Fiscally Sustainable

HB 4007 – this year's attempt to cut the personal income tax – would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest West Virginians while leading to major revenue losses that would further undermine desperately needed investments in public services. HB 4007’s income tax reduction plan shares the same flaw as versions that failed to pass last year: relying on a one-time source of…

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February 4, 2022 by WVCBP
ARPA Fiscal Recovery Funds Can Address Barriers to Work Where Current Proposals Fall Short

Since the state legislative session began last month, much attention has been focused on the high number of job openings in West Virginia. Two bills that are rapidly moving through the Senate (SB 2 and SB 3) would drastically cut unemployment insurance benefits for displaced workers in the name of “getting people back to work,” and Governor Justice introduced…

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