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December 4, 2015

Appalachian Coal, “Right to Work” and Budget Basics

The climate change talks in Paris were big news this week, as well as a jury verdict in the Don Blankenship trial. They both have coal in common and the huge role it plays in our local communities and the global stage.
When the nation and the world think of West Virginia, coal is as much a part of the state’s identity as anything else. What is the future of coal here and in the rest of Appalachia? Here’s a national perspective on coal’s future.

Investing in Our Kids, Investing in Our Future

If West Virginia invested in a public, voluntary, high-quality universal prekindergarten program what would the long-term impacts be? The Center for Equitable Growth gave us the numbers this week in its new study on the long-term benefits and costs of investing in a high-quality universal prekindergarten program available to all 3- and 4-year-olds across the United States.

The Racist Roots of “Right to Work”

So-called Right to Work is a likely topic during the 2016 Legislative Session. What is “Right to Work,” how did it start and how many states have passed “Right to Work” legislation? Check out this great read in today’s Charleston Gazette Mail by Rick Wilson with the American Friends Service Committee.

Budget Basics

Even though the Budget Bill is the most important piece of legislation that will be voted on in the upcoming legislative session, it can also be one of the most confusing. To get your answers to Budget Basics, register for the 2016 Budget Breakfast (see below) and check out this presentation by Ted on the ABC’s of the West Virginia budget.

Have You Gotten Your Early Bird Discount for the Third Annual Budget Breakfast?

Take advantage of the early bird discount for this year’s Budget Breakfast by registering today!

We are pleased to announce this year’s keynote speaker will be Alexandra Forter Sirota, Director of the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center, presenting, “Tax Cuts Poor Strategy for Shared Prosperity: Lessons from North Carolina.”

The event will kick-off with Ted’s annual preview of the governor’s upcoming budget. Join us on January 19 at the Charleston Marriott Town Center.


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