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April 24, 2017

Adding Up the Cuts in the Vetoed FY 2018 Budget.

The budget bill passed by the legislature on the last night of the session and later vetoed by the governor balanced the state’s $497 million budget gap by taking $90 million from the Rainy Day Fund and cutting General Revenue appropriations by $402.6 million below the governor’s proposal. The governor’s FY 2018 proposal had originally increased General Revenue appropriations by $317.9 million above FY 2017’s level, meaning that the FY 2018 budget that was vetoed by the governor had represented a $84.6 million cut in General Revenue from FY 2017. Here are where the legislature’s budget made those cuts.

Education The FY 2018 budget cuts $17.2 million from the State Department of Education. These cuts including eliminating state funding for the Regional Education Service Agencies (-$3.5 million),  Innovation in Education zones (-$2.5 million), and 21st Century Community Learning Centers (-$1.7 million).

For State Aid for Schools, the state’s share of school funding decreases by $24.8 million compared to FY 2017, while the local share also decreases by $12.5 million, netting the state a $12.1 million decrease in total basic state aid for schools. Overall, State Aid for Schools increased by $17.1 million over FY 2017, with increases in retirement systems payments causing the increase.

Education and the Arts General Revenue appropriations for Education and the Arts are cut by $1.7 million in the FY 2018 budget compared to FY 2017. The cuts include a $1 million cut to the Education Broadcasting Authority, whose funding was fully eliminated in the governor’s proposed budget.

Health and Human Services The FY 2018 budget cuts $49.0 million from DHHR, with most of the cuts coming from General Revenue appropriations for Medicaid. The FY 2018 budget cuts $46 million from Medicaid’s General Revenue appropriations compared to FY 2017, but replaces the cut with transfers from the Rainy Day Fund and increased Lottery fund appropriations. However, funding for Medicaid remains $56.3 million below the governor’s FY 2018 proposal.

Other cuts to DHHR include eliminating state funding for the CARDIAC Project (-$427,500), the Center for End of Life Care (-$420,198), the Healthy Lifestyles Coalition (-$147,034), the Osteoporosis and Arthritis Program (-$158,530), the Tobacco Education Program (-$3.0 million), and the WV Women’s Commission (-$156,408).

Military Affairs and Public Safety The FY 2018 budget cuts $1.6 million from DMAPS compared to FY 2017. Appropriations for the State Police are increased by $7.7 million, while appropriations for correctional facilities are cut by $7.9 million. Other cuts to DMAPS total $1.4 million.

Higher Education The FY 2018 budget cuts Higher Education by $30.7 million, including $26.6 million in cuts to 4 year colleges and universities, $1.8 million in cuts to the HEPC, including eliminating funding for WVNET, $2.2 million in cuts to community and technical colleges, and an $156,816 cut to the Council for Community and Technical Colleges.

Other Cuts Other cuts in the FY 2018 budget include $2.1 million in cuts to executive branch agencies (Governor’s Office, Auditor, Treasurer, Agriculture, Conservation Agency, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Election Commission), $533,302 in cuts to the Department of Administration, $4.3 million in cuts to the Department of Commerce, $172,064 in cuts to the Department of Environmental Protection, $653,287 in cuts to the Department of Revenue, $355,709 in cuts to the Department of Transportation, $143,508 in cuts to the Department of Veterans’ Assistance, and $733,387 in cuts to the Bureau of Senior Services.



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